Knit Counter 1.4 released

Knit Counter and Knit Counter Lite 1.4 are now available for download from the App Store.

While superficially it may not seem all that different from Knit Counter 1.3.5, version 1.4 of Knit Counter is the biggest update since its original release in 2009. iPhones have changed a lot over the past 9 years, and with the release of the iPhone X last year, I finally reached a point where keeping Knit Counter updated in its current state was no longer practical. This new version of Knit Counter is a complete rewrite from the ground up; one I’m hopeful will be easier to maintain and update in the future.

There are lots of new features as well:

  • Support for the iPhone X.
  • Improvements for iOS 11.
  • Improvements to accessibility and VoiceOver support.
  • Support for Dynamic Type.
  • Knit Counter’s settings are now accessible from inside the app.
  • Import and export projects to and from Knit Counter.
  • Export your project from Knit Counter Lite to Knit Counter.
  • 3D touch shortcuts for easy access to recent projects.
  • Counters can be reset to their minimum values by holding the minus button down for a few seconds.
  • Multiple counters can now to link to the same counter.

As always, if you run into any problems with the new version, please contact us, either via email at, on Twitter @cordlessdog, or via the Cordless Dog Users Group on Ravelry.