What is AirVolume?

Streaming iTunes via AirPlay is great, but your keyboard's volume keys only let you control the system volume and not the volume in iTunes.

AirVolume lets you use your keyboard's volume keys to control the volume in iTunes whenever iTunes is playing via AirPlay.

How Does AirVolume Work?

AirVolume runs unobtrusively in the background. It is automatically enabled when AirPlay is enabled in iTunes and a track is playing.

When iTunes isn't playing via AirPlay, AirVolume is automatically disabled, and your volume keys adjust the system volume as normal.

Advanced Features

Holding down the Option and Shift keys while pressing the volume keys provides more precise control of the iTunes volume level.

Holding down the Command key while pressing the volume keys, overrides AirVolume and allows you to control the system volume.

Need Help?

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