Knit Counter

A row counter for knitters and crocheters.

What is Knit Counter?

Knit Counter is a convenient and highly customisable way to keep track of your knitting and crochet projects on your iPhone.

Knit Counter stores counters and project information for knitting, crochet, or any other project where counting is important.


Projects in Knit Counter can include as many counters as you need, and each counter has a user-editable name, starting value, and maximum value.

Knit Counter has a handy frog button that allows you to quickly decrease a counter if you have to rip back rows.

Advanced Features

Counters can be linked together so that one counter increments another. For example, you could create an increase counter that increments automatically at the end of every 12th row.

Customisable alerts can be configured to remind you of important rows, such as increase, decrease, cable, and buttonhole rows.

Need Help?

Check the documentation. We can also be contacted via email at, at the Cordless Dog Users Group on Ravelry, and on Twitter @cordlessdog.